About online operation of AMC Lab


【Basic rules for using AMC Lab】

Please check the latest information on the classroom and AMC website frequently.

※ AMC website: https://amc.geidai.ac.jp/


① Reception of facility reservations and rental service start from: 15th June (Monday) 13:00-

② Only students who are already allowed to enter the school can use the facility and rent equipment.

(Currently, it is not possible to issue admission from the Art Media Center)

③ The students who taking a leave of absence cannot use facility.


【About Online operation of AMC Lab】

For the time being, AMC Lab will make online reservations and procedures for facility (Google Classroom). Please inquire from Google Meet in the classroom instead of inquiring by phone or email.


① Students who wish to use AMC Lab, please register in the classroom of “ AMC LABオンライン受付“.

※ Class code : kngoqai

② Please be sure to register with Geidai E-mail address. Registrants other than Geidai Mail might be arbitrarily withdrawn.

③ Consultation and procedures for facility use and equipment rental will be done in real time from the Google Meet link described in the classroom. Only available during the reception hours.

※ Reception hours : Weekdays 13:00 to 18:00


About equipment rental: Accepted at Google Meet

① Equipment rental is available only to students who have completed user registration.

② For unregistered students, please complete registration first. The assistants will guide you at Meet during the reception hours.

③ Please decide the equipment you want to rent. After that, discuss the rent/return date with your assistant and confirm the reservation through the Meet.

④ Please check the rental equipment from the equipment rental list on the AMC website. ​https://amc.geidai.ac.jp/facilitie/%e6%a9%9f%e6%9d%90%e8%b2%b8%e5%87%ba/

⑤ Please make a reservation for equipment at least 2 days before the desired rental date.

⑥ You will receive and return the equipment on the wooden deck outside the Art Media Center. When you arrived, please press the intercom at the entrance of the Art Media Center. Make sure that you apply for admission from your department.

⑦ Rental/returning time will be between 13:00~18:00.

⑧ Please take out your own insurance. We do not lend to students without insurance.

※ Insurance information: https://www.geidai.ac.jp/life/consultation/insurance

⑨ The rental period is one week. As a general rule, renewal and overdue are not possible.


About using large equipment: Accepted at Google Meet

① The use of laser cutter room and sound studio is limited to one person each. The maximum number of people who can use the AMC Lab simultaneously is 5.

② Please wear a mask (bring your own mask) when entering and working. Students who not wearing mask cannot use facility.

③ When entering the room, please take the temperature yourself and write the temperature on the entry/exit table. After the work, the user should disinfect the used space.

④ In case of cancellation or late arrival, please be sure to contact the Art Media Center (050-5525-2537).

⑤ The following large equipment is required to take a course.

  Large printer

   Laser cutter

3D printer

Sound Studio

NC cutting machine

⑥ Large equipment will be used between 13:00 ~ 18:00.

⑦ Please take out your own insurance. Students without insurance cannot use this service.

※ Insurance information: https://www.geidai.ac.jp/life/consultation/insurance

⑧ Please contact Google Meet about the equipment you want to use and the date/time, and confirm the reservation according to the guidance.


The following file describes the flow of equipment rental, reservation and use of large equipment through online reception. Please refer to it before using Classroom and Meet.


“Special measures for coronavirus infection (COVID-19) countermeasures, June 2020”